Muse Knitwear is good and fair fashion. We are driven by the passion to create good quality clothing that lasts - good for you and me and our great planet.

We have a holistic approach to sustainable fashion. We create classic basics that last several seasons both due to the timeless look and high quality. We work a lot with the fitting for a great comfort so the clothing will be  used over and over.

Our production is placed in Europe. This we do for three reasons. To lower the environmental impact due to shorter transport, its easier to visit the production places and to ensure better working conditions for the employees.

We are order producing with a small stock only to avoid waste and finally we use natural fibers only (e.g. 100% wool, 100% cotton and 100% Tencel) - all Oekotex or Reach Certified.

To work with a sustainable approach is a process which always can be improved, and for each collection we work focused on becoming more sustainable.